The mobile drinking water units are designed to meet all the needs for the production of drinking water in areas where only one water source is present, such as a well, river, lake or sea.

Due to the nature of mobility, they are designed to completely purify the water, even when the quality characteristics to be treated are not known. The units, mounted on shelters according to the requested dimensions (10’, 20’, 40’) are easy to transport and completely self-sufficient since they have built-in generators. They can be equipped with a tank for storing drinking water or bagging or bottling systems. A complete line of plants and the technology installed guarantee high treatment standards with medium/high salinity, they are easy to manage and operate and require less use of chemicals to maintain perfect operability. All the equipment and plants are certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 quality control system.

OMP Engineering

Water Treatment

OMP Engineering is able to supply systems and plants with the most advanced filtration and purification technologies to create reliable solutions for the production of drinking water coming from any source of water.