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OMP Engineering’s mission is to be one of the most respected companies in life support systems and solution providers for the defence industry in the world. To do this, we have built a culture that supports members of our team so that they can provide customers with an outstanding service and the solutions they need. We are committed to moving beyond our limits and to explore new solutions in order to keep up to date with new technologies.

quality, professionalism and reliability

our history

OMP Engineering has been operating in the market for almost 60 years and over the decades has been able to assist and support customers in the creation of ambitious and cutting-edge projects. OMP’s extensive experience allows it to be a reliable solution provider for its customers, guaranteeing quality, professionalism and reliability throughout the entire work process.


OMP Engineering was founded by Cav. Francesco Rodighiero.

The company was initially founded as a workshop for the production of goldsmith machinery.


Dr Livio Rodighiero recognised the great potential between the technology developed over the years and the military industry.

This was the turning point for the company.


OMP Engineering became a supplier of on-field drinking water systems for the Italian Army.

Since 2003, almost 70 products have been installed in the remotest operating theatres. This was only the first of numerous other contracts (about 170 until 2017) that OMP Engineering signed with Italian and foreign public bodies. At the same time, OMP began the quality certification procedure that would enable it to obtain the ISO 9001. This was the first of six certifications obtained in the last 10 years.

Since 2003

OMP has been supplying various Life Support systems

including fuel filling shelters, maintenance systems, car revision lines, workshop tents, and many other applications. They are all used in sensitive areas where Italian troops are deployed.


OMP began supplying systems to Scandinavian armies and other NATO areas.

OMP currently operates in more than 15 countries and continues to pursue a commercial expansion policy.


OMP supplied biocontainment transport platforms to the Italian, UK and Dutch Ministries of Defence.

The system allows saving Italian doctors affected by Ebola in Sierra Leone.


OMP obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

OMP Engineering


OMP Engineering was one of the first companies in the sector to introduce an ISO 9001 quality management system and to obtain the relative certifications. This drives us to continuously improve our quality management system.

OMP Engineering creates the ideal conditions to do it. We have implemented stringent standards and regulations to help us improve the processes in order to plan the work schedules more efficiently. Costs and risks are monitored and priority is given to meeting deadlines. All of these are fundamental aspects of the OMP Engineering quality management system. Our work is based on an integrated management manual that specifies all the core processes, together with corresponding work instructions and guidelines.

At every stage of production, quality is our number one goal. A variety of controls and tests ensure that the product meets customer expectations as much as possible. No piece of equipment leaves the company without being thoroughly tested. The development and manufacturing of military products is a particularly challenging job. These systems must work perfectly anywhere and anytime, even in extreme conditions such as desert or artic temperatures. This means the management of quality must go well beyond the normal standards.

OMP Engineering


At OMP Engineering we are convinced that to develop great projects you need great partners. Therefore, the industrial fabric of North-eastern Italy and years of success has enabled OMP Engineering to enter into numerous partnerships.