OMP Helicopter and Fixed wing refueling system consists in a flexible refueling equipment composed by three main units:
– Fuel Tank 10m3 – (FT)
– Refueling Unit Fixed-Wing (RUFW)
– Refueling Unit Helicopter (RUH)
The units are able to function together as a complete system but also separately together with other units.


The overall system intends to provide a flexible solution in order to improve productivity in both the mission and home environment.
The fuel tank is designed for permanent installation and is able to store several type of fuels. The capacity is 10m3 and it is also approved for use within water protected areas.
The fuel tank is installed on a platform and can – if emptied and ventilated – be transported as a standard ISO 20-foot container. The platform is also fitted with channels for handling with a forklift.
The two pump units are similar but with different capacity. Pump unit for aircraft (RUFW) delivers 800 dm3/min, whereas pump units for helicopter (RUH) delivers either 400 or 120 dm3/min. Fuel pumps are hydraulically driven; the hydraulic power is generated from either a pump driven by an electrical motor or a pump driven by an integrated diesel engine.