Biocontainment chambers

BIOX.Suite: the most advanced technology at the service of infectious containment

During the key moments of a contagion emergency it’s essential to be able to isolate higher risk patients: quickly, in total safety, in different types of operating situation.

OMP Engineering biocontainment chambers are able to convert a standard hospital room in a completely isolated environment, creating the appropriate conditions for medical staff to operate safely.

OMP Engineering builds biocontainment chambers that transform every environment quickly and effectively.

The BIOX.suite, developed according to the GMP standard for military applications, can be mounted in minutes.

A safe and innovative system for an immediate risk reduction

Used in combination with stretchers and other biocontainment systems, BIOX Suites create isolation rooms for highly infectious or contagious patients by offering maximum safety. The same structures can also be used to create mobile triage zones, temporary insulation rooms (e.g. in airports) or laboratories for the use of hazardous liquids, thanks to the entirely waterproof floor.

Isolation and compliance with international health infection’s control guidelines

The entrance of the airlock and the main chamber’s filter are equipped with an autonomous ventilation system High-efficiency filters (99.995% HEPA) tested for critical environments A system designed to protect operators from contamination during filter’s maintenance

OMP Engineering

Medical Structures

OMP Engineering operates in the biomedical sector by participating in major international projects such as Ebola virus missions, for transporting infected patients inside insulators.