Designed to guarantee a power of 4kVA in all conditions of load in any environmental condition with any approved fuel.
Dedicated central unit for GENSET operation and control.
Main switch coupled with shunt trip circuit engaged by emergency switch and GENSET critical operation such as over/under voltage and overcurrent.
Engine protection with stop function by GENSET critical operation such as low oil pressure, high engine temperature.
AUTO refueling function from external cans and tanks through a dedicated fuel pump protected by running dry.
Tested for cold start without external aids (-35°C) and stressed for operation at high temperature (+49°C).


EMC Features: MIL-STD-461G (CE102, RE102, RS103, RS105, CS114, CS115, CS116)
EN 61000-4-2 – level 4 – Contact and Air discharge
EN 61000-4-4 – level 4 – Transient / Burst voltages
EN 61000-4-5 – level 4 – Surge voltages.