The OMP Field Structures are an efficient solution for all those situations where speed and efficiency are a must. Field warehouses and workshops can be easily configured to meet individual needs.

The system is an ideal storage space with large internal dimensions that can be shortened, extended or modified to meet future requirements. The insulating options provide a rapidly deployable controlled temperature plant that can also be used for production and repair works abroad. The sheltered modular system is a set of modules that can be connected to each other to create a space with separate environments for different purposes of uses. The system is suitable for intermodal transport since an ISO 1CC container can contain up to four completely disassembled modules. The assembly time is extremely short: two hours per module with the use of two people, without the need for special work tools. The modular system can be used for medical or accommodation purposes, or as a briefing room or entry point.

OMP Engineering

Field Structures

OMP offers solutions that can be transported inside containers and deployed on site to meet any logistical need, such as electrical or mechanical maintenance.