OMP Engineering manufactures mobile control tower systems that can be deployed quickly and folded within the maximum dimensions allowed for a trailer.

The various solutions can be applied to air traffic surveillance or border control or surveillance of critical areas. OMP Engineering produces and supplies the Aerodrome Flight Information System (AFIS): a mobile control tower for Air Traffic Control (ATC) land-to-ground communication, transportable on a C-130J aircraft and quickly deployable for off-site operations. The AFIS is an ideal solution for disadvantaged areas and operating theatres or for emergency situations where the Armed Forces require aeronautical communication services for different operational contexts, in particular to manage critical stages of the flight or in take-off, approach and landing operations. The AFIS mobile system is designed to be transported on a C-130J or towed by road. Designed in a self-contained structure, it can be extended by means of mechanical arms. The AFIS consists of four IP radios for aeronautical and marine communication via VHF and UHF bandwidth, a land-based TETRA radio communication system with UHF bandwidth, a weather system and a GPS. Radio communications are managed through two operating stations that connect to each other via the VoIP EUROCAE ED137B protocol. Rain, snow, ice, dust, sand, extreme heat and humidity do not affect the performance of the AFIS or the efficiency of its communications, guaranteed also in difficult meteorological conditions and environments. In fact, the system can operate at an altitude of up to 3000 metres above sea level and with wind gusts of up to 50 kilometres or 120 kilometres per hour, depending on whether it has no supports or is anchored to the ground.

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Field Structures

OMP offers solutions that can be transported inside containers and deployed on site to meet any logistical need, such as electrical or mechanical maintenance.