Forward Repair System NATO


The Forward Repair System NATO (FRSN) is a dismountable maintenance module built on a reinforced logistics flat rack. The FRSN allows combat repair teams to go forward to the location of a downed combat or tactical vehicle and repair the vehicle on-site.

The FRSN can easily replace a power pack and get the vehicle back in the battle quickly, eliminating the need to drag the vehicle back to the unit collection point. With the on-board crane, air compressor, tactical quiet generator, welder, cutting and full range of diagnostic and hand tools, the FRSN crew will be equipped for almost any maintenance task. The FRSN is transported and carried by a tactical truck and can be operational on the ground within 5 minutes of arrival. The FRSN provides a one-stop maintenance and repair shop for tactical field and forward base operations. The FRSN is a state-of-art system capability to fulfill the dynamic demands of the modern warfighter in a wide spectrum of combat operations – far beyond any other systems available. Visit for further information.

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OMP offers solutions that can be transported inside containers and deployed on site to meet any logistical need, such as electrical or mechanical maintenance.