OMP Engineering is divided into five operating divisions, each geared toward a specific range of products and services all destined to Life Support and Logistics Support situations:

Water Treatment:
purification of water with renewable and non-renewable energy.

Field Facilities:
workshops, canteens, fuel distributors, arillery, vehicle inspection stations and anything to facilitate life and activities in the field.

technologies for the treatment of hypothermia in the operating room or in an emergency.

OMP Training:
training courses in the use of OMP products.

OMP Engineering products are designed around four key principles:
• rapid deployment;
• rapid use
• high levels of reliability;
• ease of maintenance.

The result of this philosophy leads to the construction of products:
• suitable for use in remote and difficult areas where a rapid response and an absolute flexibility in the use of resources is required;
• able to guarantee rapid deployment, easy to learn to use and to function,
• characterised by a design which combines functional autonomy, total mobility, high standards of safety, strength, durability and ease of maintenance.

The goal of OMP is to be a point of reference for those who can not find appropriate solutions in standardized products.