OMP Training


OMP's vision involves not only the provision of excellent life support system solutions, but also to guarantee the maximum of quality in everything including service. OMP's goal is to train technicians and high-level experts for both the operation and maintenance of its products.

The OMP Training Centre organises and holds theoretical and practical courses across the range of its products. OMP technicians will instruct in:
• Tents and structure management(assembly, disassembly, storage);
• special container use (gas stations and oil, laboratories, warehouses, ...);
• use of the purification units (process control, the maintenance, the production of water, ...).
OMP is also able to organise courses to be held according to the client's timetabling. This is especially useful for clients who work in shifts (e.g., armed forces, security agencies, civil protection).

OMP Research and Development

OMP collaborates with the Department of Industrial Chemistry (DCPI) at the renowned University of Padova. OMP is able to certify the quality of water treatment and processes involved in all its water treatment units. The University of Padova also collaborates with active and ongoing research into new processes and materials relating to water treatment and the reduction of energy consumption.
This ensures that OMP products remain technologically advanced. The Research Centre for the Health of the Italian Army also actively cooperates in the chemical and biological control of the control and testing of OMP water purifiers.