The Company
OMP Engineering, founded in 1959, has for over 50 years been one of the leading suppliers of self-contained modular systems in Italy, integrated and mobile systems for the Life Support and the Logistics Support units of NATO Forces, police forces, civil defence groups, emergency response and governmental organizations (UN, UNICEF, ...), NGOs and similar.
OMP Engineering provides experience and expertise gained by studying customized solutions designed to meet the client's special needs.
The company is able to perform studies and focused research, prototyping, production, after sales service and training courses.
OMP aims to be a point of reference where standardized products fail to provide solutions.

This philosophy has led to the creation of modules:

• suitable for use in remote and difficult areas where a rapid response and absolute flexibility in the use of resources is required;
• able to ensure timely intervention, speed of deployment and rapid start-up of systems;
• characterised by a structure that combines functional autonomy, total mobility, high standards of safety, strength, durability and ease of maintenance.

The remarkable dynamism and flexibility of the OMP staff, the know-how acquired over the years and highly innovative patents have enabled the company to develop rapidly in the national and international markets.